Father Daughter Herky

The Father Daughter Herky statue has the typical stance of a Herky, and is dressed in traditional black and gold, but remains unique, thanks to the little baby Herky on its chest. Herky is dressed in all black t-shirt and pants, with a belt and white tennis shoes. The brightest splash of color is the pink baby carrier strapped to his chest, which, as the title suggests, holds his baby daughter, a little yellow hawk with a large beak and a little pink bow.

This Herky statue was created by local artist John Demory, an art teacher, graphic designer, and caricature artist in the area who designed statues for the first Herky on Parade event. The Father Daughter Herky still stands today outside of OB GYN Associates and Corridor Radiology in Coralville. The design was chosen by the companies because they each help families grow healthily. They liked that this Herky celebrated family relationships, and felt it represented their values and practices.

This Herky utilizes pathos, kairos, and even a little bit of ethos. With the inclusion of an adorable little baby Herky, the statue primarily is meant to stimulate sympathetic emotions surrounding babies, parenthood, and childcare, with perfect kairos, or rhetorical timing, as it stands outside an OBGYN clinic. It holds some ethos because of where it is placed, and offers the clinic ethos as well in suggesting/displaying their values. It responds to the cultural sentiment of encouraging family and familial connection

The Father Daughter Herky communicates valuing children, parenthood, and that connection. Even over parenthood, it communicates valuing fatherhood. It could connect to the social issue of abortion, as promoting the value of family and babies is often a part of anti-abortion arguments. However, it is unlikely that that is part of its commentary, as the clinic it stands outside of doesn’t offer abortions, and is focused on the care of women who do choose to be pregnant and give birth. It primarily highlights the clinic valuing families and their well being. Being a Herky statue, at most it suggests that the University supports families, and students who are parents. It aims to change your mood to one more sympathetic towards parents and children, and support people who are parents taking care of young children, through that emotional appeal.


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