Happy Little Herky

The Happy Little Herky sports a large dark hairo, a thick beard, a light jean jacket, and appears to be the spitting image of Bob Ross. The detailed Herky even exhibits a small paint pallet and brush. On the Herky’s jean jacket is a small button that reads “happy trees”, an ode to Bob Ross’ famous ‘happy little trees’ quote.

The Happy Little Herky was created by a Regina High School Art 1 class. The art teacher had repeatedly shown students Bob Ross footage to inspire them to improve their technique. The students thoroughly enjoyed the videos, entranced by his calming matter and expert technique. When the class was offered a Herky statue to decorate they jumped at the chance to create a tribute to Bob Ross. The Herky currently stands on a private residence in Iowa City.


The Happy Little Herky exhibits credibility based on the image it portrays. Bob Ross is a well known painter. His soothing tone and expert technique has been made famous worldwide. His talent and kindness has made him a household name, with videos of Bob Ross still growing in popularity even years after his death.


This Herky statue aims to evoke emotion in anyone who has watched a Bob Ross video. Although Bob Ross is known for his skill in painting, his name evokes thoughts of his kind and gentle manner. This statue aims to communicate a similar tranquility, a sense of peace, calm, and joy.


The Herky’s location in Iowa City appears to be random and not entirely logical, thus there does not seem to be an appeal to logos.

The Happy Little Herky communicates the value of being gentle and kind. It inspires us to be calm, patient and kind in a similar manner to Bob Ross. On a college campus there is often an air of stress and panic. Midterms, final exams, or just loads of homework has many students walking through the day with a constant sense of anxiety. This Herky reminds us to calm down, take a breath, and know that there are no mistakes, just “happy accidents”.


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