Isabel Dagitz…Doing Her Best

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Isabel, as you probably gathered from the title of my blog. I am from Middleton, Wisconsin so if you ever hear an over pronounced vowel coming from the back of the classroom that is probably me. I am majoring in English at the university, however that may change as I am not sure what career I want to pursue as of yet. As for hobbies, I enjoy playing soccer, mario kart wii, and napping. I plan to join an intramural soccer team this spring semester so I can continue to be active in a way I enjoy. I have played soccer for most of my life so not having soccer as part of my routine feels strange. I also feel it’s important to mention my two cats, as they are a very important part of my life. They are named Bing and Hershey. Bing eats all of Hershey’s food so their proportions really differ. Not to be dramatic, but I would gladly give my life for them.

As an English major, I obviously enjoy writing and therefore I am excited to be taking this class. I know that the skills I learn from this class will be very beneficial towards my future writing endeavors. I am very comfortable reading and writing, however I am not the best at public speaking, so I hope that this class gives me some tools to improve that skill. Being a good public speaker will come in handy, as most careers require some form of public speech.

The use of rhetoric was in play when I read a couple articles discussing the Australian Wildfires. The articles really affected me and caused me to do some research on how I could help. After doing some research I found a website to donate money for the koalas. I ended up signing up for an “adopt a koala” donation opportunity, where I give a fixed amount of money each month to support one of the koalas affected by the wildfires in Australia. I hope that my contribution will inspire others to donate as well.


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