Nice to Meet You

My name is Amy Zine and I’m a biology major. I’m from Aurora, Illinois, the setting of the underrated SNL spin-off movie Wayne’s World. I don’t know what I want to do with my major, but ideally, I’d like to go into research. Psychology and brain sciences always interested me, so I’m considering neurobiology or something with behavior. I’m involved in Dance Marathon on campus, and I love being outdoors and especially love to bike or hike. My dad and I try and go on some kind of bike trip every summer, whether it’s up to Wisconsin or somewhere more exciting. I also love to travel and look forward to going to Europe or South America or anywhere else that sounds cool. I have an older sister who’s 20 and a cat who’s 10.

I hope to improve my argumentative skills because I think that no matter what career or path you choose, the ability to effectively communicate your ideas and advocate for them is important. I’m excited for this semester, especially after going to class for the first two weeks. I’ve always been a little nervous talking in front of people, so I’m hoping this will force me to get better at that and maybe make me more comfortable in front of a crowd. I’m pursuing a career in science, so I know that there will be times when I’ll have to convince people to give me a grant for research, back up my findings in front of skeptics, and simply work with other people. Positive and effective communication will increase my chances of success and make the whole process simpler.

My friend convinced me to join Dance Marathon a few months ago. He and some of my other friends joined the second week of school at the involvement fair, but I kept putting it off and saying I would think about it and decide later. He didn’t give up though and kept telling me about the impact it had on the sick kids. I kept saying the idea of standing for 24 hours straight sounded insane, but he smoothly said that they allow naps, that people said it was the most amazing experience of their lives, and that it was nothing compared to the struggle the kids with cancer went through. Finally, I signed up and in about a week I’ll be “dancing” for 24 hours straight.


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