Watching Bad Movies is Fun

The podcast How Did This Get Made explores the fun of watching bad movies. This is exemplified from the opener, and the bouncy theme song that plays at the beginning and the fun and energetic introductions by the hosts.

The point of the podcast is to debate different opinions on “bad movies” that the audience is encouraged to watch in order to understand the context of the debate. There are four hosts, two on each side in this episode.

The hosts are very important to the structure of this podcast. They talk over each other, build off each other, and make jokes at each others’ expense. This all builds a pathos of friendliness and informality. I feel these are aspects that are extremely important to the culture of cult films. These hosts’ energy and word choice seem to give off a rhetoric that they are very passionate about the films they watch, and have a lot of respect for them. (Example: “This movie changed me!”) The way they discuss the movies as in-depth as high art pieces really helps enforce this ethos. Whether it is ironic or not, it is still an indication that the hosts are really invested in the movies they watch.

The audience engagement adds to the pathos as well. The speakers pause for audience reactions, giving them time to react to the increasingly loud statements from all the hosts as they give their opinions. This audience inclusion is encouraged by the hosts, giving the audience the chance to give their opinions as well. It makes the audience feel like a part of the show as well, and that gives off the pathos of inclusion and welcoming.

The debate between these two sides is the main attraction of the podcast and contributes to the pathos of the show. The hosts argue things about misogyny, plot holes, and metaphysical phenomena. There are so many different points, there is no time to think about one point extremely critically, and that gives off a pathos of excitement and energy that the whole podcast has built a theme around.

In essence, the power of the show’s rhetoric comes from the energy and breakneck speed of the hosts, who give off a pathos of fun, acceptance, and energy to attract people to the show, and that I think works very effectively in making me want to listen more.


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