Faces of Herky: We Are All Hawkeyes

Faces of Herky is completely covered in the self portraits or handprints of children who have received care at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. The arrangement of the children’s artwork gives this Herky a colorful, playful appearance similar to that of patchwork. The drawings obscure Herky’s facial features.

Faces of Herky was created by a team of employees at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. It was inspired by Kid’s Day where kids get to interact with Hawkeye athletes and participate in other fun activities at Kinnick Stadium. Faces of Herky is located outside the Ronald McDonald House on Hawkins Drive.

Faces of Herky is a pathos-based work. By replacing Herky’s features and artwork with the self portraits of sick kids, this Herky says that those kids are part of the Hawkeye community. Many of the kids whose artwork is featured are too sick to interact with other kids and participate in events such as Kid’s Day at Kinnick. Showing their artwork is a way to connect them to the community. Faces of Herky does gain ethos from its creator and location. Both the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities are known for helping kids and their families in times of need.

Faces of Herky communicates values of community and charity. This Herky aims to inspire the Hawkeye community to come together to support children receiving care at University Hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House. It also gives those children and their families a sense of hope and community. Individuals may decide to volunteer or donate to the hospitals or RMH after seeing this Herky.


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