I don’t really feel like getting asbestos just for being an English major

The English-Philosophy Building is terrible and should be burned down. 

My first encounter with my commonplace began on the first day of my freshman year at the University of Iowa. I went to my Interpretation of Literature class that was held twice a week in the English-Philosophy Building. I had never seen this building before, since the university tends to not show it on campus tours (which is completely understandable). Right as I walked in, I was shocked. How can a building that houses so many important programs be so awful? 

I think about my commonplace every single day, since I am in the English-Philosophy Building every single day. As an English major, I feel that this is a complete injustice. I encounter my commonplace the most when I walk into the English-Philosophy Building and am immediately hit with the smell of dust and the sight of peeling paint and outdated, chipped tile flooring. 

My viewpoint has not changed over time. In fact, I think that my viewpoint has only intensified, as I am in the building more this semester. My commonplace has also never been challenged, since most people who are aware of this eyesore also desire to see it burn to the ground. I don’t think that anyone would be upset to see it “accidentally” set on fire. 

At the University of Iowa, students and staff are in agreement that the English-Philosophy Building is one of the worst facilities on campus. I think that the building sends a message that the English, Rhetoric, and Philosophy departments are not as important as other departments on campus, which is absolutely not the case. For example, the Tippie College of Business has an excellent building that won’t get me sick! Why can’t the previously mentioned academic departments have a nice building? I think that I can speak for all of my peers in saying that it is time for a change. 


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