How True Crime and Comedy Can Actually Work

            I’ve been listening to the podcast My Favorite Murder for a while now. I’ve always been a fan of documentary or true crime styled media, but MFM stands out as a podcast that can blur the boundaries of humor and horror without crossing the line of becoming insensitive. It’s a testament to the intelligent,…

Uncle Herky

Uncle Herky is dressed in the vibrant red, white and blue ensemble of the icon of American patriotism, Uncle Sam. He wears red striped pants, a star-patterned button-up shirt, and a navy blue jacket with a red bow tie. He has a stars and stripes patterned hat, as well as white feather-like hair and a…

Horror and Humanity

            In this TEDx Talk, Dr. Steven Schlozman presents an argument about horror as a genre that seems counterintuitive: that horror brings us closer to our fellow human beings and even promotes love. Given how most people perceive the genre as grotesque or kitschy, this is a bold claim to make. However, the way Dr….

Plastic Straws Aren’t Ruining the Planet

Banning plastic straws won’t save the world. I first heard of plastic straw bans gaining traction a few years ago. At first I was supportive—I’m always for reducing the amount of single-use plastic that gets put out into the environment, and this was my first time truly thinking about how often I used plastic straws….