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1.In this class, I think I have grown the most as a writer. It has always been hard for me to organize my thoughts and make sense of them. I usually have the ideas and I understand the concepts. I know how to apply them and everything but my brain is working at such a high rate that I can’t put my thoughts in order in a way that makes sense. The Writing Fellows and Professor Tsank have helped me with this a lot. My mom was also very helpful but that is beside the point. Over the course of this class, especially since Essay 1, I have developed ways that help me organize essays and make sure what I’m saying makes sense in terms of the argument I’m making and what concepts I am trying to appeal to.

2. I need to become a more confident speaker. I am learning while recording my podcast that – this isn’t as scary as it sounds I am FINE – but my throat closes up! It is either because my jaw gets tight and air flow is restricted or because of nerves or a healthy dose of both, but even when I am alone just speaking into my phone I get really nervous.

3. Something I will carry with me is how to be a better community member. I am very opinionated and I often think people who have different views than me are trying to attack me or are trying to undermine me, negative feelings of that sort. This class has taught me that it is okay for others to have different opinions than me, as long as they are not hurtful. Most of the time, no one is trying to attack or belittle me by simply having a different opinion.

4. Rhetoric will now help me in over analyzing any article or piece of writing I read. My life will never be the same, I will just be thinking of the authors ethos and whether or not they’re using concepts I recognize. The up side of this will be me understanding why some articles just don’t hit right/work on me. There are some articles I read that are popular to some people but are overwhelmingly boring to me and I think this class will help me understand why the writing isn’t working for me.

5. I do not like online learning. I hurts my eyes. It hurts my head. I have to take lots of breaks to just rest my eyes which is frustrating. Something I have noticed is it doesn’t feel like the end of the semester yet. I feel like we should have two more weeks left and that is probably because we were supposed to. After Spring Break in most of my classes it just seemed like full speed ahead when all I wanted was a little space to breathe and get used to the new format. Luckily this class wasn’t like that.

6. No extra thoughts except how much I will miss this class and how grateful I am for the things it has taught me.


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