The End…?

We’ve finally come to the end of the class. We are very nearly finished with this academic adventure. Do I know more about the meaning of life? Eh, probably not. Am I motivated to solve the world’s injustices using my words as a super power to unlock the minds and hearts of every leader in order to convince them to follow my lead to a greater future for humanity? No, of course not. Why even suggest that?

I feel, however, that I have learned more about myself. Through this class, I felt I could explore a more outgoing and extroverted way of socialising with others. It gave me a sandbox to try out different ways of discussion and debate, and I really liked the positive environment that let me do that.

Being a director, you need to convince a crew of many other creative people to follow you. They need to believe that you know what you are doing (even if you don’t), and you need to make sure your creative vision is being carried out, while making sure this group of people who want to be creative too are given enough liberties and acceptance to create something that works. Rhetoric does a lot of this. It takes a lot of good speaking abilities to do these things, and, without fail, poor directors are very, very often poor communicators. You can tell the difference during public interviews of cast and crews for bad movies vs ones during good movies.

I want to make good movies, so it is in my best interest to continue learning these communication skills. I certainly hope the process of filmmaking does not involve as many endless Word documents as this Covid transition had. That being said, I think we did what we had to do to get through it, and I’m proud of how many times I sat down and worked, despite the constant distractions provided by my home.

I’d say I made several friends from this class, but I feel I haven’t gotten to see you all in person to say that confidently. Yet I’ve talked to you all electronically enough to consider you more than acquaintances. Hm, maybe “estranged friends?” “Close acquaintances?” I’ll have to get back to you on that.

It’s time to move on. We have quite a way to go, both in studies and in this crazy pandemic that I’m sure we won’t stop talking about for the next 100 years. So keep working, and I look forward to seeing you all at the end of this sudden tunnel. We’ll catch up then.


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