Rhetoric Rocks!

Something that has stuck with me since the first time we read it is the concept from chapter one of Thank You for Arguing, in which author Jay Hendrichs tried to live one average day without rhetoric, which he found to be impossible. I was not very aware of the rhetoric in my own life before this course, but now that I am much more educated on the topic, I am increasingly more aware of its abundance and strength in everyday life. I think that the concepts presented in Thank You for Arguing helped me learn a lot because the book is a tangible reference that I could learn and pull rhetorical strategies from. Hendrichs’ book was also helpful in putting names to rhetorical phenomenon that I had maybe noticed before, but never had a name for, and now I could incorporate into my own use of rhetoric. It was refreshing to be able to try to incorporate these new concepts into my writing and projects this semester.  

Something I have learned and grown from this semester is the value of feedback. My final drafts would not be what they are without the feedback and lots of inspiration from Dr. Tsank, the writing fellows, and classmates. Having another set of eyes look over your work is so valuable because it brings new perspectives that you may have never come up with for your own work. In addition to receiving direct feedback, like with the writing fellows, I have grown and learned so much by listening to my peers each class. I was always shocked and engaged by how many different perspectives this class highlighted during every discussion. Everyone’s wide range of perspectives inspired me to try to bring new perspectives to my projects. Going forward, this class has also inspired me to be a better classroom community member because we learn so much more when we share our ideas. 

Lastly, I would like to say thank you Dr. Tsank and fellow classmates for all teaching me so much this semester! 


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