Looking Back

Overall, I think this class has helped me grow in many aspects. As a reader, I am now aware that rhetoric is everywhere, even in simple billboards or advertisements on tv. As a writer, I have learned a lot about how to write a strong thesis and strengthen my papers through that. As a speaker, I am more confident in front of people and learned a lot of important things that distract others when giving speeches. As a community member, I am less afraid to share my ideas and more eager to participate. I feel like I can continue to work on writing and speaking, as those were my two weaker ones previously. However, using the skills I learned in this class I believe I will be able to improve these skills greatly. One specific aspect of rhetoric that I learned in this class was kairos. I never knew what it was before, and I think it is very interesting now to look at the rhetorical timing of aspects such as advertisements and analyze why things were placed where they were. Rhetoric will continue to impact my academic life any time I write a paper or read a book. It will impact my daily life as I will be more prone to notice it now that I know rhetoric is truly everywhere around us. 

Switching to online learning has proven difficult, although I think I am adapting well. It is a little overwhelming, as it seems like a lot of my classes have gotten harder and more work intensive as a lot of teachers believe we have more free time now that we are at home. Being at home has been pretty draining for me, and I have ended up having less free time than I did at college, so this extra work was really hard for me to manage at first. However, after a few weeks I have developed a new routine, and online is becoming less stressful. It is still harder for me than regular classes, but I think that is the case for a lot of people. Although we didn’t have a full semester of in person classes, I am grateful for the time we did, especially for this class because it really helped me feel more comfortable speaking in front of people and sharing my ideas during discussions. 


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