The Blackest Thing I’ve Heard in Weeks

This podcast sounds like the conversation I had with my brother and father after we saw Black Panther and I love it. That is what allowed me to be more fully invested in the podcast, how familiar it felt.

The tone and decorum of the episode are very informal and lovely. It feels as if you’re just in someone’s living room talking with friends. It isn’t hardcore academic and is very approachable with its content and the way the hosts speak. The informality lends well to this podcast because I often feel like when people discuss movies they can be overly analytical and it sucks the joy right out of enjoying a movie. The two hosts, Caitlin and Jamie are very smart, educated women – they talk in the podcast about Caitlin having a master’s degree – who simply want to see more robust portrayals of women in movies. This appeals to their ethos because wanting more powerful female representation in movies and tv is something most women and arguably most people in the United States want to see. The guests, Ify and Naomi are actors/comedians but are also educated. An added showing of decorum is how the podcast is very structured and does discuss very serious topics like female and black representation in film, but it is also funny.

The structure of the podcast is: The hosts introduce themselves, they introduce what the Bechdel test is, the introduce the guests, then they do a recap of the movie and discuss what parts of the movie, Black Panther, they appreciated. What I found nice about this podcast episode is they invited two black people to be on their podcast and actually listened to the points they had to make, instead of the two white women dominating the conversation around a movie that is integral to black culture in America. I appreciated Caitlin and Jamie geeking out to the movie, but also letting Ify and Naomi geek about the accurate representation of black culture that has been missing in TV and movies for decades upon decades. It was refreshing to listen to a black man – Ify – just be as smart as he is, and a black woman -Naomi – be as funny as she is. I think that is a strong ethos boost for the guests and the hosts, especially. You simply get better content on podcasts when the people on the podcast are recognizable, relatable, and seem comfortable being there, and Caitlin and Jamie seem to do a very good job of creating the space for their guests to be themselves.
This podcast was very fun and enjoyable! I might just have to add it to my podcast rotation.


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