Thank you for the incentive to re-watch “Black Panther”

For this assignment, I listened to “The Bechnal Cast: ‘Black Panther.” For our first essay assignment, I wrote about Marvel’s Black Widow and am aware of the Bechnal Test, so I assumed this podcast would be “right up my alley.” I was right. The podcast was very informal. The two hosts, Jamie and Caitlin, had a conversation with Naomi Ekperin and Ify Nwadiwe about female representation in Black Panther while nerding out over the movie. The conversation dealt with not only female representation, but also the black and African culture represented in the movie, for both of the guests were black and spoke to what this representation meant to them and how it informed female representation in the movie. While the informality may be a surprise to some, myself included, I felt as though it added to the podcast, not only making it more enjoyable but also more relatable. The people on the show clearly felt passionate about the topics they discussed and I think a more formal tone would not have matched the topic which is admittedly more “fluffy” than the others on the list. The two hosts of the podcast communicate their ethos from the beginning, for one of them states they have recorded 65 episodes of “The Bechnal Cast” prior to this episode. Over the course of the podcast, the two guests establish their ethos as well, for we find out one of them is an actress and the other is clearly involved in the entertainment industry because he met Sterling K. Brown, a Black Panther cast member, at a party and got his picture taken with him. As the conversation progresses, the hosts and guest juxtapose Black Panther’s representation of women with other action movies, mainly Wonder Woman and Spiderman 2. I felt as though the juxtaposition between the woman of Black Panther and Wonder Woman herself strengthened their argument immensely. Most people consider Wonder Woman to be the epitome of female strength and power, but the hosts and guests on this podcast make the argument that the women of Black Panther, a male centric movie, are stronger and more powerful than Wonder Woman, a woman at the center of her own movie. This argument makes their ruling on the Bechdel Test stronger, for regardless of the ruling on Wonder Woman, the three five star ratings and one 4.5 star rating is completely justified and the host and guests on the podcast effectively communicate the strength of the woman in the movie Black Panther.


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