Wizard Herky

Wizard Herky is standing with his arms behind his back and feet spread apart. He is wearing a green cloak with yellow stars and moons on it, as well as a pointed hat of the same design. His teeth are exposed and his eyes are wide, and he has a long white beard and bushy white eyebrows. His shoes are yellow and pointed upwards at the ends.

The artist is Karen Jensen from Cedar Rapids. She is an e-painter, so this 3D artwork was a unique challenge for her. She designed this Herky because she believes he has a powerful presence in his old age, representing a wizard. Wizard Herky is located at Wickham Elementary School in Coralville.

Pathos: This Herky evokes pathos by his strong presence. Being located at an elementary school where young kids most commonly go, his strong presence can serve as an inspiration to their young minds. If they see Herky standing proud and strong in his wizard attire, they will be more likely to do great things in hopes of being like him.

Ethos: This Herky’s ethos is not the strongest. This Herky is located in an odd location where not a lot of people will see it. The author is not very well known, which doesn’t add ethos to Wizard Herky. However, the artist does have a website where she displays her many e-prints and also offers classes. She has also received awards for her work both nationally. and locally. This seems to serve as some form of ethos as it shows that she is successful in what she does, however the Herky itself does not have a lot of ethos.

Logos: The logos of this Herky also does not seem to be very strong, as it appears he could have been placed anywhere and have the same affect.

Kairos: While this Herky doesn’t speak to a specific moment in time, he does speak to a child growing up. Being located at an elementary school and serving as an inspiration speaks to the children graduating from that school and moving on to junior high and high school.

This Herky communicates determination and hard work. He is standing strong and appears powerful, which serves as a reminder to children in school to keep working and that it will pay off. He also seems to convey an interesting paradox, being so old with his long beard yet so strong. This can also serve to inspire, as perhaps if the kids are worried about growing up, Herky can show them that it just makes them stronger.

Herky aims to inspire elementary students, (and teachers as well) to work as hard as they can. His attire and stance conveys power, and he inspires people to work in order to gain that power and success.


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