Herky Would Die for You


CAPT Herky is dressed in a typical Air Force uniform complete with a triangular military hat and adorning badges. Some of these badges include a medic pin and a name tag that reads “Howarth,” in reference to CAPT Nate Howarth who assisted in the statue’s design. Also included in CAPT Herky’s outfit are a dress shirt, a tie, and black combat boots. His whole outfit is form-fitting to showcase his defined muscles popping through the clothing. Herky himself stands staunchly with his hands on his hips and his teeth clenched.

CAPT Herky was designed by artist Elizabeth Rhoads Read from Cedar Rapids. She created it to honor all current and previous members of the United States Air Force; it was eventually completed by the Iowa City/Coralville Area CVB to honor its director of special events, Allie, or CAPT Howarth’s sister. The statue currently stands at the Johnson County Armory & Veterans Memorial.

Pathos: CAPT Herky intends to convey a sense of strength, pride, and nationalism in one’s country. It is a muscular figure that encourages the military to be strong and unwilling to back down in the face of conflict. Herky proudly wears the Air Force uniform and communicates to the military that the University of Iowa stands right next to them in all of their endeavors.

Ethos: Though Read does not add much ethos with her name alone, she graduated from Cornell College and has created art for over fifteen years. In addition, Herky has his own ethos as mascot of the University of Iowa and public icon of the state of Iowa. This statue stands in Iowa City just outside the school’s campus, where Herky’s credibility is the highest!

Logos: CAPT Herky is located at the Johnson County Armory & Veterans Memorial, a place where those affiliated with the military congregate.

Kairos: CAPT Herky responds to a specific cultural moment in that it was completed to honor Allie Howarth for bringing “Herky on Parade” to the community. It reflects the public’s feelings of appreciation for Howarth and pride in Herky.

This Herky demonstrates the value of serving one’s country. It inspires pride and confidence in the military, but it also urges the common person to have respect for them. Overall, CAPT Herky aims to instill a sense of nationalism, encouraging the military to keep fighting for their country and encouraging society to acknowledge their sacrifice.


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