Faces of Herky

Describe your Herky in detail. Focus on the visual aspects of your Herky. 

  • This colorful Herky statue is covered head to toe in self-portrait drawings and hand and foot stamps of patients of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and children from across the state of Iowa. Though the model of this statue is in the shape of Herky, standing with his arms at his hips and his legs outstretched, there are no drawn-on features like clothes, hair, or facial features.  

Summarize, in your own words, any relevant background information about your Herky, such as who created it, where it is placed, if it is still standing, how long has it been standing, why it was created, and so forth. 

  • The 180 artists are patients of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, located in Iowa City, and children from across the state of Iowa. Child life therapist Gwen Senio and University of Iowa Children’s art therapist Kamila Agi-Mejias collected the many drawings and members of the UI Health Care Marketing team, Art Director Lee Ann Eddins, Marketing Manager Cheryl Hodgson, and designer Michelle Rohrbacher created the statue. This Herky is located at the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois, which is also located in Iowa City. 

What kinds of appeals does the Herky use (pathos, logos, kairos, ethos)? The Herky statue does not have to employ all of them. What specific emotions does it aim to inspire? Does the Herky reflect or respond to a specific cultural moment or public sentiment? What credibility/authority does the Herky possess based on its creator, or its associations? 

  • Pathos: This Herky aims to communicate a sense of community, specifically to members of the Iowa City community as that is where the statue resides. It creates a sense of community in many ways. Primarily, it is fully decorated by art from children in the Iowa and Iowa City community. Also, it was put together by many members of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital community. In addition, it resides in Iowa City, tying together all its creators. The shape of this statue, in a power stance, also communicates a sense of pride which portrays the message that the creators are proud members of their community. 
  • Logos: It is logical that this Herky was created in Iowa City and remains in Iowa City because its design represents a part of the Iowa City community, the young patients of the Children’s Hospital. 
  • Kairos: The Children’s Hospital is a long-standing structure on the University of Iowa’s campus, so this Herky does not quite appeal to one specific historical moment. Rather, this Herky can symbolize that the hospital and its young patients are a constant on campus and always bear relevance to us Hawkeyes. 

What kinds of values does the Herky communicate? Does it aim to inspire us to act in response to other social or environmental issues, does it encourage us to feel school spirit, does it highlight the value of an institution? How does your Herky aim to change your mood, mind, willingness to act? 

  • I think that this Herky mainly highlights the value of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital on campus. Its 180 pieces of art remind viewers the large quantity of children that this hospital cares for. The patients and workers of the hospital are an important part of our campus’ community and this Herky is a visual representation of that. In addition, this Herky communicates the value of each person in its community. This Herky could have been decorated with 180 drawings of whatever each child wanted to draw, but instead the project was do draw a self-portrait. This Herky is 180 self-portraits or hand/foot stamps for those too young to draw because the aim was to represent each child as a part of the community. 

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