1SG. H. Hawk Herky

This Herky is in an Army combat uniform. At first, it shared the rank honors of Clarence Brown III of the US Army Recruiting Station in Cedar Rapids. It had a flag patch that was similar to the one MAJ Tara Bowman had, when she was deployed in Afghanistan. Although all of the unit patches and the name have been changed to honor the late North Liberty Mayor, Tom Salm, who served in the Iowa Army National Guard and passed away in 2014. Herky also has a “screaming eagle” patch on the left shoulder to represent the National Guard. On the left shoulder, Herky has the three skill tabs, which represents it’s ability in combat medic, expert infantry, and airborne. On the left breast of Herky there is a recruiter badge, while on the right breast there is the Hawkeye Patch to honor the ROTC at the University of Iowa. Herky also has a hat on, which has a “ranger roll” to suggest that Herky is an Army Ranger.

Lou Wendel created this Herky for the Cedar Rapids Recruiting Office where it still stands to this day. It was created to inspire people to sign up for the army and fight for their country.

This Herky primarily appeals to people’s pathos. The fact that all of Herky’s unit patches were switched to honor the late mayor reminds people that those who fight in the army risk their lives with great honor and go on to achieve great things in their life. Herky’s badges show how brave and strong soldiers need to be. This statue inspires strength and courage. It calls people to unite and fight for their country as one. Herky reflects the Army’s desire to recruit people and build a stronger military. The Herky possesses credibility based on the fact that it was at first based off of MAJ Tara Bowman, and then, later on, Mayor Tom Salm. These two figures help to emphasize that many people have fought and will continue to fight for this country.

This Herky communicates the values of unity and bravery. To fight in the army one must be very brave and willing to risk their life for something bigger than themselves. It also emphasizes unity because these soldiers are fighting for the people around them and their country. Herky aims to inspire us to stand up and make a difference in the world by joining the army and fighting for our country. While highlighting the spirit of the hawkeye, this Herky mostly emphasizes the spirit of the country and the army’s need to protect it. This Herky aims to make people stand up for their country and join the army. It makes people feel like they are brave and courageous and that the army has their back.


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