Pride in Hunter Herky

Hunter Herky is wearing complete camouflage. He is covered head to toe with a hat, long sleeve shirt, and pants in camouflage that is meant for hunting in the woods around the fall. On the long sleeve shirt is the logo for the University of Iowa. The only thing visible on him besides the camouflage is his black gloves and shoes and his face. The face is normal in regards to Herky as a white face and orange beak and large eyebrows. The Herky stands with his hands on his hips and his feet stepped out. 

The Artist is named Elizabeth Rhoads Reads and she is from Cedar Rapids. She graduated from Cornell University in 1972 with a BA in art and Political Science. She has had many jobs over the years including teaching, private investigator, and counseling women on employment issues. The Herky sits at the Scheels in Coralville.

Pathos: the Herky aims to appeal to those that have hunted and enjoy the activity. It shows that they will be accepted at the University of Iowa for who they are and what they enjoy. It allows them to feel confident in their beliefs of how to acquire food or wha to do as an activity that can often be looked down on by many people. The way Herky is positioned, legs out and arms at the hip, show that he is empowered to do what he does. The Herky is comfortable with this and he seems to be showing that others can be too.

Ethos: There isn’t much about the artist online except a fairly empty linkedin page and a gallery of her work. The gallery gives the impression that she is a fairly well known artist in Iowa although there is no way to verify this. Of Course, Herky has a great deal of credibility as he has been the proud mascot of Iowa for over 60 years. This time carries a lot of pride for the mascot and a lot of character that can be looked on for future students and even current students.

Logos: The placement of the Herky makes a lot of sense as it is in front of a sporting goods store. This can be where people go to get their things to do any activity including hunting.

Kairos: Hunting season comes around every year and people often go to sporting goods stores to get equipment for the season. So when people go to Scheels to grab equipment, they will see the Herky as they grab their things.

This Herky is not really here to inspire action in people. It is more to inspire people to be themselves. It is showing that people can be accepted for what they enjoy even if it isn’t the most popular thing to enjoy. It inspires school spirit as the school is accepting of everyone and their personal enjoyments. Even though the artists didn’t go to Iowa, she still was inspired to make a jerky for the school. It also shows that there is pride with the heritage of the school as the artist describes why she designed it the way she did. She designed it in the image of her husbands father and grandfather in their attire for hunting. The idea of her being inspired is meant to transfer on to everyone else who comes into contact with this Herky.

All in all, this Herky is meant to inspire pride in ones self and community. To enjoy the activities that you do and to be unified in community even if it isn’t the most popular activity.


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