Outta Sight Herky

The Outta Sight Herky is very colorful and primarily focuses on the 60s-70s peace movement style. This includes very rainbow, poly-chromatic color schemes on tie dye spirals and flowy words. Words such as FAB, PEACE, GROOVY, FREEDOM, BIG KAHUNA, and LOVE appear in flowy, colorful bubble letters. The black and white yin-yang symbol appears on his right arm. There are many multicolor flowers, peace symbols, smiley faces, hearts, and stars scattered all over. There is a white dove on his right shoulder.

This Herky was created by M. Renee Vogt and she said, “Peace, love, music, and art are all words that make[me] think of Iowa City!” She thinks upon her memories of seeing the Herkies on parade as some of her best memories in Iowa City. She studied fine art and art history at the University of Iowa.

Pathos: Central to this Herky it plays upon pathos and the motif of peace and love. The Herky being covered in bright colors and the words PEACE, LOVE, FAB, and GROOVY(All generally positive and happy words) it seeks to invoke happy feelings in the audience. In particular, It seeks to spread the message of peace and love.

Logos: The Herky being outside of Renee’s own Ceramic Cafe increases the chance for other people who enjoy art to observe the Herky.

Ethos:The Herky being outside of Renee’s own Ceramic Cafe also gives her credibility in her art capabilities. Her receiving a fine art and art history degree, in addition to being a business owner of a ceramic cafe, also gives her a large ethos boost.

As mentioned prior, It seeks to spread the message of peace and love through its colorful and happy motifs. As a whole there’s a strong psychedelic movement motif, again emerging from the 60s-70s and resurging in the 21st century, with many colors in psychedelic patterns being displayed in particular in melted, flowy patterns. There are many similarities to the 60s-70s peace movement which centered around anti-vietnam/anti-war sentiments. This led to many people fighting the pro-war propaganda with many peaceful and loving colors, symbols, and words all exemplified on this Herky.


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