Blog Post 4 Prompt

Blog Post 4 Prompt – Analyze the Rhetoric of a Herky
Due date: Friday, April 3rd to our course blog by 5 p.m.

For your blog post, please complete the following: First, read the instructor’s example for how to analyze a Herky (available on ICON under “Announcements”). Then, using the site provided, select a Herky (other than the one chosen by the instructor), and fill out the following information, responding to each question in full. Do not combine your responses into a single narrative. Focus on responding directly to each question as clearly and thoroughly as you can.  

  • Describe your Herky in detail. Focus on the visual aspects of your Herky. 
  • Summarize, in your own words, any relevant background information about your Herky, such as who created it, where it is placed, if it is still standing, how long has it been standing, why it was created, and so forth.
  • What kinds of appeals does the Herky use (pathos, logos, kairos, ethos)? The Herky statue does not have to employ all of them. What specific emotions does it aim to inspire? Does the Herky reflect or respond to a specific cultural moment or public sentiment? What credibility/authority does the Herky possess based on its creator, or its associations?
  • What kinds of values does the Herky communicate? Does it aim to inspire us to act in response to other social or environmental issues, does it encourage us to feel school spirit, does it highlight the value of a particular institution? How does your Herky aim to change your mood, mind, willingness to act?


  1. Upload an image of your Herky
  2. Respond to each question in full
  3. Be free of grammar/spelling errors and composed in a professional tone
  4. Be thorough yet concise

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