“Why books are here to stay”

First and foremost, the speaker introduces his topic (reading physical books) by likening it to a person. He personifies the inanimate object by stating it is like a friend, which is a great usage of pathos. It subconsciously elicits emotions of perhaps comfort, joy, and contentment that people often associate with good company. Thus, by using this hook, it emotionally brings in the audience, engaging them to listen to what else he has to say.  

He then goes on to talk a bit about the history of writing and books, bringing in mentions of the Ancient Romans’ codex and scribes. By including this, it gives the speaker a good deal of ethos as he is claiming that physical books have an extended history and that the history originates (unconfirmed with other sources, but taking his word for it) from the great Ancient Roman empire that is known for their advancements in modern technology, political thought, and culture that is still relevant today. Thus, it gives his statement a considerable amount of credibility. It may lead one to think the importance of physical books derives from the associated importance of the Ancient Roman empire.  

Furthermore, although the speaker is talking throughout the entire video, the video cuts to show clips of relevant images or videos. However, as an audience member, I was still engaged to what he was saying all throughout because he did a good job of varying the tone of his voice, his pacing, and facial expressions when he was on the screen. By subtly furrowing his brows or emphasizing certain points, for example, that “books not only represent a technological advancement but is a piece of technology in and of itself” helps to engage the reader and frankly, help convince the audience (Kidd).  

Lastly, the speaker finishes his presentation by listing various advantages to reading a physical book versus one that is online. However, he does this by stating that this is what people like – he assumes the preferences of the audience. I think this is a tricky thing to accomplish, however he does it quite well by alluding to them as commonplace norms. He utilizes both logos and pathos by letting the reader know the objective merits of a physical book, but by also including the emotional appeals of the merits. Overall, I found the speech engaging and informational even despite being short, because the speaker was able to deliver his points in a very clear and concise manner.  


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