The Mouse King

When I was growing up, I think me and my friends all like Disney at least a little bit. They had great cartoons that made us laugh and have fun and be entertained by the wondrous adventures they went on. However, now that me and my friends are older and more aware of how the world works, and we all agreed that Disney is just a little bit terrifying. 

The mouse has grown to massive power in the past few years and it now seem to own everything. So the idea that Disney is terrifying mainly started when Disney merged with Fox. This was a massive deal that, while it was interesting watching it go through, it is kind of scary in hindsight. It didn’t take long for a lot of my friends to recognize how much Disney now owns. They own everything from Marvel to FX to National Geographic. They own so much that it feels like almost everything that is on tv is Disney. Many people more business savvy than me were scared and that is when I realized just how scary this merger was. I mean they own so much that they now own the majority of the top grossing movies of all time.

This could mean that in twenty or thirty years Disney could own the majority of tv and entertainment as we know it. They have a monopoly and it feels like many people that blindly follow Disney would like to sweep this under the rug. They want to keep the happiest place on Earth in this bubble. People aren’t that accepting, though, and many don’t want to see the Mickey Mouse get any stronger. The only way this has changed mine and others view of the world is that I am now more skeptical of media. I tend to find myself thinking about how much media Disney owns and this worries me. I find myself watching a movie and all of the sudden realizing that Disney owns this movie. Then when I move on to something else, Disney owns that. If one thing is for sure with Disney, they aren’t going away anytime soon.


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