How to Live

Vaccines are safe and effective in preventing diseases.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by the unchallenged belief that vaccines are a staple of healthy life. It came right along with eating nutritious food and exercising; if you did not have your vaccines, you were almost certain to be unhealthy. My parents, both of whom are in the medical field, particularly encouraged this idea. At the same time, the schools I attended made vaccines a requirement for every student, so I could only follow to the conclusion that they are necessary for healthy living. It was a popular opinion at the time, long before the soccer moms united and decided that vaccines somehow cause autism. On a normal day, I mind my own business and let the soccer moms believe what they want. However, once I started to date my girlfriend, I could not help but bring this commonplace to light again. You see, my girlfriend’s mom belongs to that dreadful group of “anti-vaxxers.” Due to this unfortunate turn of events, my views have constantly been challenged yet never changed.

My belief that vaccines are safe and effective shapes my worldview because it makes me appreciate the power of medicine, contributing to my interest in the sciences. It only reinforces my identity as a lover of science and makes me think about the world at large in terms of medicine. On the other hand, this commonplace also serves as a reminder to me of how ignorant and stubborn people can be. Even though there is now conclusive evidence that vaccines prevent disease and do not cause autism, there are still many people that refuse to listen to logic. People believe in the media too much and end up hurting those that they love in an attempt to save them. Well, it’s 2020, and people are living longer because of medicine. So, to all anti-vaxxers: count your days watching your child play soccer, and maybe browse the contents of a CDC website while you’re at it.


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