Blog Post 2 Prompt

Blog Post 2 Prompt – The Commonplace 
Due date: Friday, Feb. 28th to our course blog by 5 p.m.
Late blog posts will not be accepted

You have just read about the concept of a commonplace, which, according to Heinrichs, is a viewpoint held in common by an audience. For the blog post, put yourself in the position of said audience. What is a belief or value that you hold that you also share with others? For instance, do you choose not to eat meat because you believe it is bad for the environment? Do you believe that violence is a necessary part of football? (Anyone notice a trend?) Just kidding. Those do count as commonplaces, though! Your “commonplace” can be anything, from the personal to the impersonal, from small issues to extraordinarily large ones, for example: Chicago style pizza is superior to New York style pizza. All expressions of gender identity are equally valid. Universities need to invest more money into the humanities. You get the gist. For your blog post, please complete the following: 

1) Write your commonplace at the top of your blog post in the form of a statement. 

2) Explore how your commonplace came to be.  When did you first encounter this idea? Who or what encouraged your thinking in this way? How often do you think about this concept? When do you encounter it most? Have your views about the subject changed over time, or have your views ever been challenged?

3) Discuss the significance of your commonplace. How does it help shape your worldview? How does it help shape your identity? (Even simple things like pizza styles help shape us – folks from Chicago express their pride and patriotism for their city by championing their own style of pizza).


  1. Upload a relevant image and insert a title 
  2. Respond to each question in full
  3. Be free of grammar/spelling errors and composed in a professional tone
  4. Be thorough yet concise, 300-400 words total 

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