More about me

1) Hi, my name is Crystal and here’s a bit more information about myself. I’m from Iowa City, but was born in Seoul, South Korea. I am interested in a myriad of random, quite unrelated things like beginning to learn guitar, watching films (my two favorites at the moment would have to be Parasite and 1917), and painting. I am currently studying economics and ethics and public policy and am excited to see where that takes me. However, right now, I’m thinking potentially in the realm of law.  

2) In regards to what I hope to gain from this course, I hope to become more comfortable with the public speaking aspect of rhetoric. I think it’s important, not only to be able to think critically and form well-developed ideas, but to be also able to share them effectively. I hope with more practice in and outside of the classroom, I’ll be more comfortable expressing my own ideas and opinions.  

3) A recent example of rhetoric in my life was last week when my friend and I were trying to decide where to go for dinner. She lives in Cedar Rapids, but we have a shared favorite restaurant in Iowa City. We had originally planned to go there, but she expressed to me that she had eaten there the day prior. Now, there was a slight conflict. I asked her what she wanted to try in town, since she didn’t live here. I was giving her the option of choice. However, she expressed that she wanted to be surprised and that she trusted my opinion – she was using pathos and ethos – and thus, I suggested we eat at a Chinese restaurant downtown, where we ended up eating at. We were both using methods of persuasion, and different ones at that, to get the other person to decide.  


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