Leah Morley: Thwarted by the Word Limit Once Again

Hello! My name is Leah Morley, I am from Saint Paul, Minnesota, and I’m majoring in Art. Now that we’ve gotten the classic college student introduction out of the way, here’s some more information! I am extroverted, and I talk a lot (probably too much sometimes!) My hobbies, unsurprisingly, include painting and drawing. I’m still trying to figure out what art I want to do for a living. Ideally, I’d like to pursue a career in graphic design or illustration, because it’s more focused. I love to paint, but I don’t love the idea of trying to sell my paintings for a living. Beyond art, my hobbies include listening to musicals (I was a big theater kid in high school), reading, hanging out in coffee shops, singing, and riding my bike (if it’s not too cold). I’m a vegetarian and working on living more sustainably. My goals include improving lots of different skills (drawing, cooking, and Spanish in particular), traveling to other countries, living in new places in the US, being happy in my career, and eventually settling back in the Midwest.

I am very excited for this class! In general, I love learning – especially things that will be useful beyond school. I am usually good at writing essays and analysis, but I haven’t done much regarding rhetoric or persuasion, so I’m looking forward to it. Despite my experience in theatre, I typically get pretty nervous to present in a class setting, which I try to combat by being prepared. Hopefully, I will improve my presentation and argument/persuasion skills in this class; they are valuable because I will inevitably have to use them in future classes and a professional work environment.

As for a recent rhetorical moment in my life: A friend and I were hanging out in the lounge space in my dorm and she was eating a banana. She found a brown spot on it, didn’t want to eat it, and went to throw it away. Before she did, I suggested she compost it. She was hesitant, because there was only a trash bin in the lounge. I responded that it’s better for the environment, and I would be happy to compost it for her in the bin in my room. She knows that I care about this, so she conceded and came with me to compost the banana. A success!


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