Late Night Words on a Screen

  1. My hobbies…. I don’t know if I have any hobbies or anything I like to do for fun besides sleep and watch YouTube videos. My interests are mostly art-based, like theatre, music, singing, and dancing. If I had more money I would go to more Billie Eilish concerts or more theatre shows. There’s a show going up at Riverside right now, student tickets cost ten dollars and even that is almost too much money. Something that might be relevant to our class is that I like talking about politics and societal issues, but only in a classroom setting because in real life it is just too overwhelming. I am very opinionated and will likely share my opinions on things whether or not someone asks for them. My career goals are terrifying and it feels terrifying to talk about them in public or even think about them. They seem very lofty and thinking about them feels overwhelming. Just know that I’m working hard towards them. 
  2. What I hope to gain from this course is the ability to win more arguments, or at least make it to the end of arguments without getting flustered or just giving up due to my anxiety and dislike of feeling yelled at. Part of it is remembering that no one is out to get me, or that people I just met don’t already hate me. I feel pretty good about taking the course, I feel like I am pretty good at getting past my anxieties about writing and speaking. I think I can improve these skills by taking the feedback that I’m given with an open mind and working on putting them into the work I’m doing because learning how to write, speak and read is valuable in any career I end up going into. 
  3. In my acting class today, we were coming up with loose basics of a scene. We were just given different circumstances and had to make up a scene between two people in a relationship based on the circumstances. I was partnered with someone and we had come up with this scene where two people are living together and are friends and one of them gets kicked out because they keep asking the other to spot them for rent. My partner and I sat down and she said an idea about one friend being the richer friend, the daughter of the mayor of the town, and the other friend being the poorer friend who is working at a low paying factory job. I came back with my original idea of two friends living together and one of them asking the other to spot them for rent. We eventually came up with a scene that incorporated both of our ideas and it worked out well. 

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