I will probably spend the rest of my college career with my hair in a ballet bun.

My name is Sabrina Duke, and I am from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I was raised on a combination of the classic Hollywood Golden Age musicals and all the children’s shows that based on music, so the fact that I am now a double major with dance and theatre arts does not surprise the people that know me best. I am close to my family, especially my thirteen-year-old sister Georgia. We have a dog named Clara after the beloved character in The Nutcracker. Our dog loves to sleep like a human with her body under the covers and head on the pillow. This past summer, I read all 800 pages of The Goldfinch and finished my first triathlon. I consider both achievements equal in their level of difficulty and need for perseverance. I am a foodie and love all Gluten Free Food that does not contain olives and horseradish. I am looking forward to the day where I am not charged extra for have my burger without the bun or cannot change my side of toast to a side of fruit. If I don’t pursue a career in performance art, I am interested in keeping/making arts education accessible to kids in every socioeconomic class and finding ways to give more funding to arts education programs in all levels of education and scholarships to college students interested in pursuing arts degrees.

I was not excited to take Rhetoric. Last semester, I took a travel writing course and enjoyed the informal nature of the writing assignments. Going back to a more formal writing style is not going to be easy. However, after discovering my Theatre History course requires a 10-12-page research paper, my attitude towards Rhetoric changed. I realized this class will give me the tools necessary to write an effective and successful research paper.

Since the Iowa caucus is on Monday, it is impossible to escape political ads. They’re everywhere: YouTube, Spotify, my mailbox, email, the Pentacrest. However, the political ads are not very effective, and I still have not found “my candidate.” My anger at the current administration makes choosing between the dozen candidates seem impossible. There was a time where I considered changing my voter’s registration to Iowa, but after learning the Ohio primary falls over spring break, I am relieved I can keep my vote in Ohio. Ohio is a swing state, so I feel strongly that it is the place where my vote can make the most difference. Instead of convincing me to change my voter’s registration and vote in the first Caucus because I want one candidate to win, 2020 political ads convinced me to vote in Ohio so my home state will flip from red to blue in November.


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