Always on the Edit

Hi! My name is Maura and I’m a Creative Writing and Spanish major from Cincinnati, Ohio. I love to write—back home I’m involved with an organization called Women Writing for (a) Change, which planted the seed of my poetry and should probably inform you of my values as a person. My hobbies include struggling to be vegetarian for environmental reasons, trying desperately to understand Spanish rap, killing my plants, and constantly editing and writing my pieces. In terms of career, I’m thinking of picking up a minor in translation and translating creative works between English and Spanish. My ultimate goal is to get published and potentially to teach. In classroom settings I like to think more than I like to talk, so I might sit silently trying to word things correctly rather than say them aloud—like I said, I’m constantly editing.
Given my major, I don’t have too many qualms about writing, though I’m always working to improve. Most of my stress comes from presentation. My junior year of high school, I took a class that was entirely group project-based. Despite knowing everyone in the class and having the support of my group, every time I went to present my hands and legs would shake horribly and I would flush all over. I really want to gain confidence in this area so I can present without such awful (or at least, such visible) nerves. I went to see the poet Hanif Abdurriquib, and he said one of his mentors told him that if you’re going to write poetry you might as well be good at reading it, so that is my goal for this course.
A few classes ago, we talked about that Carl’s Jr. ad for a burger. Thinking I was (mostly) vegetarian, and that dissecting the ad the way we did in class would take the power out of it, I assumed that it had no influence over me. That is, until I walked into Catlett craving a burger for the first time in months, and ordered my first-ever salmon burger from that station. It was only when I sat down to eat that I realized I had been way more affected than I thought.

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