A Man of Manipulation or Rhetoric?

Hi guys, my name is Drew Bolisay and I am from Westmont, Illinois. Yes, it just so happens to be a suburb of Chicago, and yes, I am aware that many people attending the University of Iowa are also from the same region. 

With that out of the way, some other things about me are that I love listening to all types of music, especially alternative and rap, and that I love all types of sports, especially running and basketball. To be honest, I love most things and I would consider myself a pretty optimistic person. It is perhaps this optimism that has led me to pursue a career in medicine. On top of this, both of my parents are in the medical field, so I have learned that it is not as scary as people think. No worrying about crippling debt and long work weeks for me!

In regards to rhetoric, I hope to polish my reading, writing, and speaking skills, as they are helpful in almost any field you can think of. I am excited to take this class because I love talking to other people, so discussion-based classes tend to go by fast for me. I especially appreciate that this is an Honors course where I can learn so much from my peers! If I were to list one concern, it would be that writing’s subjective nature may make it harder to get a good grade. However, I am confident that I will learn to write in such a way where it can be acknowledged by anybody as valuable!

One recent encounter I had with rhetoric was when I convinced my mom to come with me to a grand opening of my favorite restaurant, Cane’s. I wanted to get certain prizes without having to wait in the cold by myself, so I brought up how my mom was not working that day, how she barely gets to spend time with me anymore, and how we would have a better chance of winning a raffle with two entries instead of one. My plan succeeded, and I was graced with her presence in line. Thanks rhetoric!


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