“So… you’re going to college for movies?”

Yes, I am. My name is Dalton Bantz, and I am going to college for movies.

I decided to go for a double major here at the University of Iowa in both Cinema and English last semester. I love to tell stories and entertain the people around me, which is what I hope I can do for this class. The end goal of these college majors is the ability to more easily enter the world of film production in places like Los Angeles and Vancouver. Maybe I’ll make movies for Disney or Warner Bros or any other production studio. Who knows? I just want to make movies. So that’s what I’m doing.

I like more than just films, though. I enjoy listening to music of all kinds, especially stuff that gives me chills or gets me amped or gives me really any kind of strong emotion. Some of my favorite classic albums are Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life and The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Newer albums I enjoyed were Igor by Tyler, the Creator and Sia’s 1000 Forms of Fear.

I also enjoy exploring with family and friends. The cover picture is from a trip I took with my friends, Taylor and Nolan, to the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota. We hiked several miles over the course of two days, spent a cold, cold night miles away from civilization in a breezy tent the woods (with no cell reception), and it was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve ever had. I go on biking trips through Iowa with my family every summer, and this summer we’re planning on travelling to see my cousin in California.

I’m confident in my speaking skills and essay composition, but this class should help to build on those skills in order to help me build more confidence in the public forum. These skills are extremely important in building healthy personal and work relationships. I hope I can use this class to enhance the relationships I have, as well as have better ones in the future.

The use of rhetoric was in play when I decided to see Parasite in theaters this weekend. All of the recent advertisements for the movie have reference to its recent award wins and Oscar nominations. The prestige surrounding the movie appealed to my emotion, and the prestige of the awards was an appeal to the movie’s character. It was a good movie, nonetheless, but I was still convinced to go out on a Saturday night when I otherwise wouldn’t have.

So let’s go do some… rhetoric…ing? Yeah, that sounds about right.


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