Sara Smolinski

Hey, I’m Sara Smolinski and I’m a creative writing major at the University of Iowa. I love to write psychological thrillers mostly in short story form. I’m from Rochester Hills, Michigan, so I’m pretty used to the cold unfortunately. I want to be a real estate agent/ author in the future and get into real estate investing. I used to ride horses when I was kid, but don’t worry, I’m not a horse-girl. If you see me around campus, there’s a 100% chance that I have my headphones in because I’m constantly listening to music.  I listen to just about all genres, besides country. My favorite artists right now are SuicideBoys, Roddy Rich, and Ghostemane.

 I hope to gain more knowledge in rhetoric so that I am able to resolve arguments better. Hopefully, I can improve in my speaking skills from the presentations we are going to do in class. I’m pretty confident in my writing and reading skills considering that I’m an English major. These skills are very important for life because rhetoric can be seen everywhere and you’re always going to need to be able to read, write, and speak well.

A recent time I used rhetoric was when I broke my Mom’s lamp by accident over break. I knew she was going to be enfuriated, so I told her right away and apoligized. I also told her that I would pay for a new lamp even though I do not have the funds for that. I only told her that so she would know that I was really sorry and was willing to do anything to fix it. She ended up not being too mad because I took charge of the situation.


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