Me, Writing, and Basketball

Welcome to my blog! My name is Jake, and I am a freshman at the University of Iowa, majoring in actuarial science. As one might guess, in terms of school my interests are in the math and computer department. Thankfully, my whole life isn’t just school (yet), and I have plenty of other interests/hobbies. My favorite activity by far is snowboarding, something I have been doing for nine years now. I am a member of the ski and snowboard club here at Iowa, and am excited to go on ski trips with them. I also enjoy most other sports – both playing and watching. For the more personal side of me, I have twin brothers, who are 11, and a dog, Nora, who I love spending time with. So far, I have enjoyed my time at Iowa, and I look forward to all the things I will do and people I will meet over the next three years.

As stated earlier, I am an actuarial science major. Thus, rhetoric isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. However, I am excited to learn more about rhetoric and put my best foot forward. For speaking and reading, I feel comfortable with my abilities in both areas. However, writing is something that I have had some struggles with in the past. Perhaps ‘anxiety’ isn’t the best word to describe it, but I don’t feel completely confident in my writing abilities. I have occasional struggles in several areas, whether it be my vocabulary, grammar, or citing abilities. Writing is an important skill, professionally and casually. I hope to improve on my writing skills throughout this class, and get valuable feedback that I can use in the future in order to become a better communicator.

Through our textbook, Thank You for Arguing, we learned that rhetoric surrounds us. I had my own close encounter with rhetoric the other day. On Monday, Iowa played basketball against Wisconsin. That evening, one of my friends who was attending the game asked me to go with. Unfortunately, I also have calculus at the exact same time. Thus, I had to persuade both him, and myself, that going to calculus was the best choice. The only thing in favor of the basketball game was that it would be fun – calculus is objectively not fun. I was able to utilize the cons of going to the basketball game to my advantage. It would cost extra money, somewhere between 10-20 dollars. Also, more importantly, it is only the second week of classes, so it would be a poor choice if I didn’t show up to class and fell behind this early. Using rhetoric, I was able to convince my friend and myself that going to class was the best option. Rhetoric is something that surrounds us, and this is a theme that I plan to expand on more in my future blogs.


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