Jacob Flint: A Ready Nomad

My names is Jacob Flint and you may have met me a bit if you are in one of my classes. I am from a very small town called Mattawan Michigan. This is not the first place I have lived though as I have moved a total of 8 times in my life. I was born in Wisconsin Rapids and from there I moved to Montreal Canada for 6 months before moving back to Wisconsin Rapids. Then I went to Green Bay where I became a huge Packers fan. After that I went to Warsaw, Indiana where I met my first very good friend. Next was to New Jersey where I spent all of middle school. when I was done in New Jersey, I went to Michigan and that is where I spent the entirety of my time in high school. After high school, I knew I wanted to go elsewhere for college which is why I ended up here at the University of Iowa

Moving is not my only hobby, though it may seem like it some times. I love playing guitar and doing anything I haven’t done. New experiences are honestly the my favorite thing for me to do because whether it is something I am super excited for or something I am nervous about doing, it is a new thing I can say that I have done. There is so much that the world has to offer and so much I want to experience. One of my favorite experiences that I have had is having dogs. I have had a total of three dogs and my most recent one is a puppy. She is a 2 year old charcoal lab that is a bundle of energy and craziness. Still as crazy as she is, she is adorable. 

I came to school to study neuroscience on a premed track. I hope to eventually be a neurosurgeon. I want to be able to help people with metal issues that can be fixed through surgery. Originally I wanted to be a psychiatrist, but I realized that I liked the science side of the field more than I liked the personal, one on one, talking to find out a way to help alleviate the issues.

From this class, I hope to improve my public speaking. I have always been fine with reading and writing what I want or need to. Public speaking has always been my weakest point. I find public speaking to be near paralyzing because I worry that if I mess up, I will be looked down upon. Still, I need to get past it because public speaking is going to be in every aspect of my professional career. This is something that I hope to get past so I can be more successful in the future of both college and beyond.

Now as for a time where I persuaded someone and won an argument, the most recent one was with my sister. We were arguing on who was a better driver. She of course thought she was the better drive while I knew I was the better driver. She kept trying to point out arbitrary things that didn’t matter like how I was when I first started driving or how she personally felt when I was driving, but I kept using facts to my advantage. These facts included how long I had been driving, how had better control over the vehicle than she did, and how I was able to drive almost anything with proficiency while she could only drive curtain things somewhat well. While my sister refused to admit I was right, my dad admitted I was correct because of the facts I had posed. My sister still thought her personal feelings mattered more but I had least won over one person in the argument and that was good enough for me.


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