Diego Rivera: The Scrambled Eggs of People


This is who Diego Omar Rivera is in a nutshell. I can be verbose at times due to always wanting a multifaceted, accurate, and holistic understanding. I’m an audiophile when it comes to speakers, headphones, and vinyl records. Subsequently, I also listen to an insane amount of music (according to Spotify Wrapped I listened to 128,364 minutes or 89.14 days of music in 2019 and my current favorite song is One Rainy Wash by Jimmy Hendrix. Talk to me about psychedelic rock, EDM/dance, and the Arctic Monkeys). You can catch me on my bicycle, during the warmers months, riding somewhere between 25 and 150 miles depending on the day. I speak fluent Spanish and my parents are Mexican immigrants, but I was born here in Iowa City. If you’d like to know more about me follow me on Instagram @diegomar.mp4 

Reading and writing have always been my weakest link. I have pretty severe A.D.H.D. and as a result I grew up not reading very much because it was so difficult to focus. I’ve always been huge on interpersonal communication and never afraid to share a detail about my life. I genuinely believe that everyone has something interesting to say about themselves or how they perceive the world around them. I strive to hear these perspectives to foster a better understanding of the world around me and a class environment where people’s opinions are consistently challenged.

My most recent rhetorical argument was between me and myself: should I cut my hair short or grow it to shoulder length? I considered the pathos side of things first: would I be happier if I cut my hair short or tried to style it when it grew longer? In order to answer this I had to consider the logistical side of things: is it worth my time to inconvenience myself every day with styling my hair or would it be better to have more efficient, short hair? I’m more of a functionalist myself, so of course I went with the short hair. Suddenly, I felt happier.


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