Blog Post 1 Prompt

Blog Post 1 Prompt – Intros Revisited + Course Goals 
Due date: Friday, Jan. 31st to our course blog by 5 p.m.
Late blog posts will not be accepted

For this first blog post, please respond to the following set of questions:

1) We’ve learned a bit about one another already through partner introductions, but there’s plenty more to know! Please begin your post by revisiting and expanding upon your introduction. Feel free to reiterate (and add to) your hobbies, interests, pets, career goals, etc. What might be specifically relevant to your peers and in building our classroom community?

2) Meditate for a moment on what you hope to gain from this course. How do you feel about taking the course? Do you have any anxieties about writing, speaking, or reading that you feel comfortable expressing in this space? How do you hope to improve in these areas, and why (or why not) do you think these skills are valuable?

3) Jay Heinrichs’ Thank You For Arguing begins by suggesting that rhetoric is all around us. That is, rhetoric is embedded in many of the mundane, everyday aspects of our lives. Pick your own interpersonal rhetorical moment—a time when you recently persuaded someone of something, or a time when you were persuaded by something—and describe it in detail in the third portion of your response. It can be anything—a recent purchase, a conversation you had with a friend or parent, an argument you “won” or “lost,” a decision you or someone else made, etc.


  1. Upload a cover image of yourself 
  2. Respond to each question in full
  3. Be free of grammar/spelling errors and composed in a professional tone
  4. Be thorough yet concise

*Keep an eye out for blog invitations by Wednesday (tutorial on Wednesday also). In the meantime, compose your blog post in a word processor before you upload it as general practice. If you compose your blog in WordPress, you may accidentally lose the content of your post.


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